10 Most Important Things Women Want From Men

How many times have you asked yourself what women want? The question is really good, and if you knew this, you could probably win the hearts of all the beauties of this world, right? The answer is that there is no universal answer. A woman is not a clone of another woman of the same kind. Each of them wants something different. Give someone a bigger family and kids, someone needs to build a career, and some don’t want anything at all except entertainment and a free life, however, like many men.

A lot of the problems are that men think that women think differently, differently from them and want some kind of romance and pink snot. But actually it is not. You could even say that men are more romantic than women. A woman, whether she wants it or not, needs to take into account many nuances and be a pragmatic person, because in the future she is a mother, wife and family member who is more responsible for the lives of loved ones than a man (although it should be vice versa or equally). And therefore, it is very important for women to find a reliable person, gain well-being and have financial independence.

What do women desire?

1. Love. Many men think that a woman only wants love, but this is not always the case. Usually love takes possession of the female brain in the period from 18 to 25 years. The reader will see a teenager get married and change. The man seems to understand love differently, for he is satisfied with his reproductive instinct. After this happens, he goes in search of a new lover.

Love is certainly good, but women should definitely take into account the fact that, having fallen in love with a person, they should pay attention to his financial independence, especially if the girl has already approached the age at which she decided to marry, but has not yet acquired a good job .

2. Family. Some girls really want a family, but as a rule, they do not understand what exactly this word is. When a girl is still very young and in love, she can associate herself with the heroine of the cartoon Zabava, who sings a beautiful and naive song about a small house, a Russian stove, a wooden floor, a bench, a candle and a horde of children in the house. Perhaps she really believes that this is happiness, but as they say, you won’t know until you try.

3. Sex. There are girls who, like many men, choose this particular item, but still, this period sometimes passes when a child appears in the family. A woman is constantly in a fucked up state, and she simply does not have time for entertainment in bed. By the way, just then most of the divorces happen, because a man is not satisfied with the fact that a woman is now unavailable to him. But now a situation is also common when a man does not want a woman, referring to fatigue and a headache. Then, of course, everything is even more serious and most often it means that love is over.

4. Children. Children are the flowers of life, and indeed, many women see the meaning in this and passionately desire that they have small copies of their kind. But, to be honest, few women are really happy about having decided to have a baby. Motherhood is overly embellished, and for young girls who are off topic, it is portrayed as something sweet and cuddly. In fact, the burden that a young mother experiences in the first months and years of a child’s life is incomparable with any job. This is a constant lack of sleep, because of which the psyche suffers, and also the inability to belong to oneself, because she is a dairy, a cleaner, a wife, a cook and a robot – a housewife that combines many different functions.

Alas, a rare man understands that the wife at this time definitely needs the help of her husband, and thus the number of happy families with children is reduced. And in connection with the current situation in the country, it will decrease even more, since people may simply not have enough money to live, not to mention the maintenance of children.

5. Care. The desire for care is natural, especially for women, because they are weaker and are in search of a man and a reliable person who can be relied on. But this is for the time being. The fact is that if they meet an adequate man on their life path, then they stop searching and become men for themselves. There is a very good expression, the essence of which is that if you do not take care of yourself, then no one will take care of you. In a good way, and women need to understand and accept this as soon as possible.

6. Entertainment. Yes, not only men, but also women want entertainment and an easy life, it’s just that among the fair sex it’s not so relevant to express this desire too clearly, because they are taught from childhood that “if you behave like a man, then no one will marry you.” won’t take it.” And marriage for many women for some reason is the main goal in life. But fortunately not for everyone. There are those who do not want to forget about themselves and devote their lives to the sacrifice of a man.

7. Rest. Rest is a natural need of any person, whether he is a man or a woman, it does not matter at all. For some reason, it is very often implied that a woman should take on all the housework, and in addition, also think about the needs of others, without thinking about her own.

In fact, a woman needs rest much more than a man, because she spends much more energy than he does. Now, an average couple is given as an example, in which both a man and a woman work, but at the same time the man believes that she should do all the housework, and she should also take care of the children. He understands his role as a husband and father something like this: going to work, returning home and playing computer games, or surfing the Internet, so unfortunately, most families live like this and this has a very negative effect on the health and psyche of a woman.

If you’re married, you should start helping your wife around the house and stop being selfish; else, you’ll have to accept the reality that one day your wife will choose freedom to domestic slavery.

8. Freedom. Freedom attracts women not only because it is an opportunity to free themselves from domestic Kabbalah, but also because it equalizes their rights with men who, despite equal rights, try to push women through and establish a family dictatorship, infringing on their women’s rights.

9. Loneliness. Yes, you got it right, quite a lot of women are so disappointed in men and in relationships that they only want to be alone. And this is absolutely normal, given the behavior of most men and the huge number of responsibilities that the average woman takes on while living with a man.

Most often, after the relationship ends, a woman finds that it is much easier and more pleasant for her to live on her own, even if she does not live alone, but with a child. Women are increasingly frustrated in relationships with men. It is only when she sees that she does not need a man to take care of her and then begins to enjoy life on her own that the woman can become independent.

10. Communication. It is a natural desire when a woman lives for a long time with people or a person who does not listen to her, despite the fact that he lives in the same territory with her. Communication is very important for women because they need people to understand how they feel and share their emotions. If a man can cope with emotional stress on his own, and women most often need full communication. But they rarely meet him in their families.

11. For there to be world peace. It’s a little silly joke that is usually made by girls in beauty pageants, but it has suddenly become one of the most significant points and wishes of all people on our planet….

This conditional, in many ways similar to the male, playful gradation of values ​​can help you understand that a woman is not a creature from another planet. This is the same person as you, often just as fucked up and tired, and if she is a young mother, then you never dreamed how fucked up and tired she is. She was not being asked if a woman is actually like a rolled up scroll. Women are different from men, but she goes overboard with this comparison.

Yes, there is a certain difference between the way of thinking of a woman and a man. But this does not mean that a man should go crazy trying to figure out what women want. It only speaks of a difference in the way of thinking, nothing else. Women and men have the same desires. But in comparison to how a guy would express the same things, women’s wants are actually mentioned in less detail.

There is conflicting advice online about what women want. This can lead to trouble because men do not understand either themselves or women at all. Reading these tips is funny, but you can even make a small selection of bad advice from men who consider themselves professionals in the field of conquering women’s hearts.

What does a woman want. Bad advice

  • “A woman always wants to have many children and not leave the house doing housework.” How do you imagine it? Maybe there are girls who dream of nothing at all, do not want to work, and think only about how to give birth to more children and cook borscht. But if a woman as a person matters to you, then at least you will not allow her to dissolve into the family and children like this.
  • “A woman needs money, and nothing more. She will do anything for money.” Unfortunately, or maybe to your happiness, not all women think about money, and this is very stupid, because being afraid to seem like a mercantile world to a man, they themselves deprive their future family of normal support and do not think over the time when they will have to be on maternity leave. Try to take this fact into account, and if you see a girl who does not understand at all why the family needs money, then at least think about it yourself before creating a paradise in a hut. If only simply because there is no paradise in a hut and cannot be.
  • “Women only care about family, and careers don’t matter to them at all, and they don’t have to work.” This is very stupid, and it is a pity that many men do not realize this. They sometimes purposefully force women to quit their jobs and explain to her that she must give up any competition and devote her life only to raising children and housekeeping.

There are many more examples of what women want in the opinion of narrow-minded men, but it’s better to try to continue to analyze those points that are really important for many women.

Researchers really do not sit still, and no, no, and they are doing some research that helps people understand how to behave in this or that situation, and in this case, how to behave with a woman correctly in order to save and strengthen relationships.

What men not do when they are looking for love with that special someone

1. Reliability. If this is illogical for you, then it is very strange, and, probably, you live in some kind of fantastic fairy-tale castle, where all the women are completely stupid. Women don’t care as much about your height, or how attractive you are, they want attractive partners and men to be conversationalists. The most important thing is how reliable you are. Because a woman, if she has not yet created a family, is always looking for a person behind whom she can feel like behind that very stone wall. Your reliability should lie in the fact that you don’t suddenly spend all your money on some garbage, you don’t suddenly decide to change it (although no one is safe from this), and that you say what you really are without deceiving it .

2. Feeling safe. Even if you have a good salary, you are beautiful as God and you even have your own apartment, for which you have almost paid off the mortgage, if it is not safe with you, then no adequate woman will sign up for such a relationship. Let’s say if you are an aggressive person who can flare up in a few seconds and do some kind of nightmare, then you are dangerous for women and you certainly should not start long-term relationships, ideally until you work out your attacks of aggression, you should not start any relationships so as not to threaten the safety of the women around you.

Pay attention if your girlfriend is aware of her aggressive nature and understands that it is not safe with you, but still remains with herself, that she is also not all right, and she needs specialized help, and preferably away from you. The problem is that the typical guy isn’t really paying attention to how life is different now.

3. The feeling that you are on the same wavelength. For a woman, this is very important, because without an emotional connection it is not possible to create any more or less strong relationship. Communication, understanding, and interest are key elements to a healthy relationship. If you are indifferent to a woman, then it is unlikely that you will succeed, theoretically, of course, this is possible if the girl wears rose-colored glasses, and they have not yet fallen off her and broken, but as a rule this is inevitable and when this happens, the girl will stop communicate with you.

If it is really important for you to know what women want, then try to create a deep emotional connection with at least one of them, and for this you will need to give her enough of your attention, and try to delve into her experiences, even if at first they seem unimportant to you. Having reached mutual understanding, you will reach a new level of relationships, and you will understand what women want. Of course, not all, but yours, but this is already a great success in resolving this issue.

4. Be a master of your craft. Perhaps you collect coins, or maybe you are fond of jewelry or woodcarving. A man who knows how to do something and does it better than anyone else will be attractive to women, I guarantee it. And if now you have some kind of hobby, try to achieve the best results in it, this will help you become the best in your business, and win the heart of the one you want to conquer.

The most important thing in this case is the realization that you are not just showing off in front of a girl, not representing anything interesting, that you are really confident in yourself and know how to do what you say. She must understand that you are not lying and that you are really a pro in your field.

5. The ability to control your body and charm.The characteristics of your communication and presentation skills have a great impact on your life. If you imagine yourself to be a gloomy nerd who sits at the home all day, then you will have less chance of meeting a woman.

If you want to attract women, the first thing you need to do is learn how to communicate with them. You can learn by reading books like The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists or watching movies with this type of content. By combining a display of dominance and reliability, women will pay attention to you and you will be able to read their intentions by interacting with many of them very often.

6. The ability to compliment. “What women want” is difficult to say, but men know that most like compliments. Always give them complements because you’ll never lose anything, and it may help you. Women need more personalized compliments in order to feel attracted to the man giving them. And if you don’t understand how your words can affect her, you’ll never know what women want.

Universal tips are not the best thing for when you want to know exactly what your lover wants. Every woman is unique, and there isn’t a universal guide that will work for every kind.

Good relationships are often based on mutual respect and respecting boundaries. This is not reliant on understanding what your partner wants. Respecting the freedom of each person is a way to show love and kindness. You might respect the person’s different opinion because it is reflective of their own needs.

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