10 Celebrities Who Gave Up Millions of Dollars Due to Their Beliefs

It’s no secret that famous stars have significant fees. The luxurious life of artists arouses our interest and slight envy. However, despite the habit of living in luxury, celebrities often give up millions in profits for the sake of their interests, principles and desires. You will be surprised at the list of stars who refused for one reason or another to fill their pockets with money.

Lady Gaga – $1 million

Famous for her extravagance and change of image, the singer is one of the most popular and best-selling performers. Therefore, in 2012, she was invited to speak in support of the Republican Party. The singer was waiting for a generous reward of $ 1 million, plus 150 thousand at the expense of shelters for victims of domestic violence. After all, Lady Gaga pays significant attention to charity. However, the star refused the seductive earnings, as she is distinguished by her liberal views.

ABBA Group – $1 billion

Despite the fact that the group ceased to exist in 1982, it continues to be one of the most popular and best-selling artists of all time. Therefore, it is not surprising that after almost 30 years in 2000, the performers were offered to make the Reunion Tour for $ 1 billion. However, the musicians did not succumb to significant promises and refused, unfortunately for the fans, as they believed that it was not the reunion that helped them remain popular. In addition, ABBA members were afraid of stress and time spent on the tour.

ZZ Top – $2 million

The world-famous rock band is active and quite popular so far. Over the 50 years of the band’s existence, at least 25 million records have been sold. But besides musical talent, band members Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill have a certain feature – they wear very long beards. The iconic image caught the attention of Gillette, which offered $1 million to each musician to shave off their beards while filming a commercial for the firm’s razor. The rockers refused, because it would have destroyed the image of the group and deprived them of half of their fans.

Will Ferrell – $29 million

The Hollywood actor, known for his comedic roles, is considered a member of the “brother pack”. This nickname was given to a group of actors who became famous for their roles in box office comedy films in the 90s. However, Will continued his successful path in 2000, when the movie “Elf” was released. At the global box office, the picture collected 220 million dollars. Therefore, the film crew wanted to continue shooting and shoot the 2nd part of the film. However, Will Ferrell refused, because he knows that the second part will never be better than the first. He did not want his Buddy image to disappoint fans.

Christian Bale – $50 million

Known as the superhero of the film about the Dark Knight, Christian Bale earned 54 million US rubles from the rental of 3 films with his participation. The success of the film could have turned the actor’s head, especially when he was offered 50 million dollars for shooting in the 4th film. That is, an ambition equal to the sum of the three previous paintings. But the Hollywood star expressed her refusal, citing solidarity with director Christopher Nolan, who originally planned to stop filming on the 3rd picture.

Michael Keaton – $15 million

This American actor is known for his roles in comedy films. However, on the rise of his career, he was offered to star in the role of Batman, filmed by Tim Burton. For the first film adaptation, the actor received 5 million dollars, and for the second, 2 times more. However, Warner Bros did not like the dark “color” of the second part and planning to shoot the third, they decided to add more humor and lightheartedness to the film. For the role in the 3rd part, Michael was offered 15 million dollars, but he refused precisely because of the too cheerful script.

Keanu Reeves – $12 million

The film The Matrix helped skyrocket the fame of the Canadian actor, grossing $350 million at the box office and winning an Oscar. Therefore, it is not surprising that the continuation of the picture was planned, for the role in which Keanu Reeves was promised 12 million dollars. However, the actor refused because of the script, which he simply did not like. When the second part of The Matrix was released, the audience was disappointed, and the film received a huge amount of negative reviews. Therefore, in the end, Keanu Reeves was right in his decision.

Jodie Foster – $15 million

The winner of many awards and nominations played her favorite role as an FBI agent in the film The Silence of the Lambs. For best actress in this film adaptation, Jodie won an Oscar. However, the actress refused to star in the continuation of the picture, as well as from a salary of 15 million dollars. After reading the novel, the star voiced the reason why she refused. This is an unacceptable description of the character that Foster was to play.

Beatles – $50 million

The legendary English rock band is the best-selling band despite having existed from 1960 to 1970. After the breakup, fans craved a line-up reunion, but it didn’t happen even for $50 million. Although initially promoter Bill Sargent offered the musicians $10 million for a reunion concert. After 2 years in 1976, the amount of the fee increased to 30 million, and a few months later – up to 50. But the reunion of the line-up never happened, as the members did not like the staging of the concert show.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – $3 million

When this famous couple had a daughter, North, magazines and other members of the press inundated the media personality and rapper with financial offers for a picture of the newborn. One Australian magazine was generous up to 3 million dollars, but could not get what they wanted. Kanye West categorically did not want the newborn baby to participate in any shows. He said that the daughter belongs to her parents, and not to all of America.

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